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With You Every Step of the Way

I offer Individual therapy for children, teens, and adults.  And I offer couples therapy and family therapy.

Whether you have anxiety, depressed mood, past traumas to work through, difficulties in relationships, or addictive behaviors, I can help you work through those challenges and feel better.  

Maybe it's negative thoughts that you have of yourself or panic or difficulty calming your body.  I can assist you with tools that can help you heal.  If because you didn't learn to attach to your caregivers in your childhood, this can pose difficulties attaching in current relationships.  I can help you through this process of healing and learn to attach to significant others in your life.

If you've been through past traumas of abuse, domestic violence, a car accident, or other trauma(s), I can help you heal from these.

Please reach out and schedule an appointment today.  

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Here For You

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